Argyll Whisky Beer | Eat Well, Drink Slowly, Speak Warmly
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Eat Well

Argyll’s menu is local when possible and seasonal.  Our offerings change approximately 6 times annually.  Argyll’s culinary board reflects the grastropub spirit begun in London and NYC almost two decades since.  Gastronomy is the art and science of good eating.  Pubs are where we wash down that art with a strong pint of beer.

Drink Slowly

Whisky is good (over 240 from around the world)  Beer is good (21 on draft as well as a selection of cellared beers)  Craft cocktails are good (seasonal and critically acclaimed)

Speak Warmly

The Gastropub tradition began in the U.K. over a decade ago.

At Argyll, our award winning design team has created a ‘public house’ with the warmth and ambiance of a 100 year old pub.  In the UK, the Pub is an extention of the family’s living room and social activity.

Meet the Visionaries

Robert Thompson
Founder / CEO

As the creator of Argyll Whisky Beer, Robert has once again demonstrated that he is an innovative restaurateur discontent standing still. Argyll Whisky Beer is a passion Robert’s that reflects his personal tastes and commercial sensibilities. It’s design reflects a “de-construction” of the Clan Thompson Crest, Victorian era Pub appointments and Modern efficiencies. Robert has been honored with multiple Best New Restaurant awards both in and outside of Denver. He lives in Denver with his wife and son.